Is there any Vanilla in Manila?

Yes I know a strange title, but hey what isn’t strange these days. So a few months ago I decided to book a flight to Manila and explore the 1700 or so islands of The Philippines. Now the time has come to head off, and work and other everyday life has taken over my excitement. But I can feel it coming, its in the post. Where do I go? What do I do? Who will I meet? All the things I have ahead of me. Shall I avoid Boracay, because it’s too touristy, and head to El Nido instead. Which volcano shall I climb, and will there still be whale sharks in Bicol ready for me? The way I see it, it will happen. I just need to go, and be it other travelers or locals steering me where; I will discover places for a number of reasons. So follow my adventures here and hopefully I interest you back home or abroad.

Explore – you will find you.

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